Sewer Rate Increase

Recently, our township completed a sewer rate study in conjunction with Michigan Rural Water Association.

Findings have shown that our present sewer rates are not meeting our current budget nor supporting our capital improvement plan (infrastructure) for the future.

In addition, our sewer service supplier, City of Saginaw, has raised water rates several times since 2005.

Spaulding Township sewer rates have not increased since 2003.  However, in order to continue maintaining our current reliable sewer system, it is necessary to increase sewer rates.  Historically, our sewer rates have been the lowest in our area.

The new sewer rate increase consists of a $5.00 base rate increase PLUS  a $1.00 increase for every 1,000 gallons of usageThe new base rate is now $125.00 PLUS  $5.60 for every 1,000 gallons of usage for your quarterly bill.

We know rate increases can be difficult for all.  Since we cannot prevent rate increases, we can work together to maintain our current reliable sewer system while planning for the future and deliver to you, our customer, a high quality product which you deserve at the lowest possible rate.

Thank you for your help and support.

More details are available in the office for your convenience.

 The next regular quarterly bill will be mailed July 7, 2017 and will include the new rate increase.